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Eric Bott

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I recently visited Roanoke and the VA Museum of Transport, and took a number of ground-level photos of the 1776.  None of these would answer the question of roof color, if the top surface of the roof was painted black in part or in total.  However, I would note that the Gainsboro Rd NW overpass of Shenandoah Ave NW allows an oblique downward view (looking approximately West-by-South) of the roof of the 1776 where the 1776 was located as of Sept 9.  The location of the 1776 as of that date (the far East end of the North track under the trainshed) puts it in shadow at all times after early morning.  Ideally a photographer would bring a long telephoto, and snap a picture in the early AM to get the benefit of whatever sunlight could reach the 1776 roof.

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This may help.

Clinton Smoke


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I have a question about SD 45 1776. Is the cab roof and short hood
blue(long hood black roof),or does the black across the long hood
extend the entire length of the units roof? I have seen models both
ways and want to get my N Scale loco correct.
Pete Mejia
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