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Here is an announcement of decals for N&W H-2 and H-3 hoppers in HO scale. FYI. 
Jim Brewer 

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I have two new HO decal sets. So, the following is now for sale: 
In HO Scale, Norfolk & Western Railway H2 & H3 Hoppers. Both sets do a total of 2 cars, either 2 H2, 2 H3 or one of each. The Early set contains the Pre-1952 17" tall N&W lettering, the Late set contains the post-1952 24" tall N&W lettering. These cars lasted into the late-1960's in coal service. Eastern car Works made a plastic kit for these cars. they can also be kitbashed from the BLI H2a hopper. More information can be found here: 

These are currently available through my website. I will be listing this set on Ebay soon. I list my products on Ebay with a 30 day basis. http://www.ebay.com/sch/mountvernonshops/m.html 

Prices are the same whether you email me directly through the MVS website, send me an order or use Ebay. Also shipping is a flat $6.00 whether you order 1 or 10 decal sets. Please contact me off list if interested. 
Best Regards, 
John Frantz 

York, PA 
Crossroads of the Conrail, Western Maryland/Chessie, and Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroads. 

Posted by: John Frantz <prropcrew at yahoo.com> 

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