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Like with discussion on N&W red there are "many opinions" on Pevler Blue.  Having thousands of 35mm slides of N&W locomotives in my collection there is a significant range of shades.  New units from ALCO, EMD, and GE..........repaints of former NKP or WAB units....repaints of N&W black units....lots of variation that became more varied with sun and dirt (not to mention many repaints were performed without much cleaning or surface prep......adding again to color variation).  What quality control processes governed the mixing of the paint batches by manufactures?  What kind of process controls were maintained within the N&W paint shops to assure consistency of color during mixing?  

So not having a model paint that is a "perfect" match for an "imperfect color" doesn't make me lose too much sleep.  (The same way I view N&W red) As such I use Scalecoat ATSF Blue.  It is close to what Oriental Brass and Athearn use and darker than Overlands' blue and falls well within the range of blues in my N&W 35mm slides.

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> Richard,
> That is good to know I do hope they do the N&W blue since I have a couple of locos needing blue.
> James Wall
> Rural Hall, NC
>> We have sent Tru-Color a sample of actual N&W Blue.
>> Thanks,
>> Richard D. Shell
>> ShellScale Decals
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