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All the early units delivered did not acquire yellow handrails until sometime in the 1960s, I suspect it was some sort of federal mandate.

I know for sure that when the GP30s were delivered in 1962, it was with black handrails, because in putting the 522 back in as delivered, it has to vary for a number of reason, missing footboards on the pilot, another federal mandate are several details that make it not totally authentic for as delivered, as are the yellow handrails, but since it is an operable unit, it must meet current standards.

So it really depends on when you are planning on modeling.

Ken Miller

On Apr 7, 2014, at 3:23 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> Hi, I’m new to the list—wasn’t sure if this was a modeling or a prototype question, but since modeling is the intent, I’ll put it here.


> I have a LifeLike GP18 in N Scale, one of the older ones, that is number 923, painted for N&W in the all-black with yellow letters scheme. My question is this: were any of the handrails painted yellow when the unit was new? I have looked for a color photo of this particular locomotive online to no avail. The model came modeled in all-black, but looking at other photos of GP18s, it looks like the end handrails were painted yellow. I’d like to fix that on my model if that’s the case.


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> Cameron Talley


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