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Steve: When Division Point first announced that they would produce HO RS3 models Larry Hill and I went to the VTM and took photos of the N&W original RS3 #300 and sent them to DP.  I did not get a response to my request asking that Jack produce the original N&W RS3 models. I did not give up.  Upon seeing your posting here I sent Jack an email offering to help in any way the N&WHS could. Jack responded quickly stating that he could use our help and that he wanted to produce the N&W RS3's in both the black and blue paint schemes.  He also stated that the N&W models would be in very limited numbers. I am in the process of sending him photos that I have and will be in Roanoke for the April Archive work session to collect more photos and drawings as necessary. 
For those of you on the list that are interested in the black paint version for the RS3s, I want to go with the version that has the old N&W script hearlds on both ends and under the cab windows. The blue version will have the hamburger N&W hearlds.  As most of you know the RS3's were first numbered in the 90s and then several months later renumbered to 300 thru 307.  When they were first renumbered they did not get the script N&W hearlds. About a year or so later the eight RS3's got the full treatment  with script hearlds.   Harold Davenport - N&WHS modeling committee 

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ALL modelers:
Anyone wanting a correct N&W RS3 Please contact me or your favorite brass dealer.
Division Point will do the correct phase III N&W RS3 as there is no good model representing the N&W out there.
This is probably the only chance a N&W RS3 will get done.
I am sure our model committee will help provide the materials to Jack Vansworth at Division Point to see this through.
Stephen Rineair
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