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I'm glad to find out there is another modeler interested in the Clinch Valley District. I' m modeling the CV around St. Paul/Boody and the interchange with the Clinchfield. What scale do you model in ?

To answer your question, I don't know of any N&W locomotive rosters specific to the CV, but there are some good books you should look at:

First, a shameless plug for a new book called Clinch Valley Line written by railroad author Ed Wolfe with the assistance of Bucky Wilson and me. It is a comprehensive history of the CV, and it is available from the N&WHS Commissary. While it does not have locomotive rosters it does have plenty of photos of locomotives and trains on the CV in the 1970's, including some in color. There are also photos of L&N trains in Norton.

You should also consult Norfolk and Western First Generation Diesels and Norfolk and Western Second Generation Diesels by Paul Withers and Bob Bowers. It has some photos of locomotives on the CV.

Finally, a very good book about the L&N in southwest Virginia is L&N Cumberland Valley Division Album by Ron Flanary, an expert on the L&N in that area.

If you have any questions about the CV you can contact me offline at ipmandel1 at<mailto:ipmandel1 at>.

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, Florida

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I'm modeling the Clinch Valley District in the summer of 1975. I'll need about 20 N&W locos and 12 L&N. What types and paint schemes would be a good mix to represent what was in use on the line at that time? I'm looking for two different answers: a "perfect world" that accurately represents the actual equipment in use, and a "real world" that takes into account the availability of RTR models and a desire to have an interesting mix on the layout.

Carl Woods
Richmond, VA

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