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The only photo I have ever seen is on page 36 of my "N&W in Color, Volume 1" (Morning Sun Books), and it is a very distant shot. There is, of course, one window in the 15' RPO section, but no other windows are visible in this photo. There may or may not have been windows in the baggage section at the time of the rebuilding, but N&W tended to plate them over when cars were shopped in the 1950's. At any rate, we can tell that by 1954, this car had only the window in the RPO section.

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Does anyone know of any photos that might still exist of the three cars in the 1230 - 1232 series?  I am exploring the possibility of modeling one of these cars but beyond just the simple diagram I have little else to go by in creating a model of one of these cars.  I do know about the photo of N&W 1100, a "Me"-class mail car, which is the type of car that these three were rebuilt from but am in need of some better understanding about the window layout of the rebuilt cars, if it is possible to gain such.



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