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By 1975 you would have a great variety of N&W diesels in various paint schemes. Almost anything you can buy RTR would be appropriate. The Tuscan red freight units and the white NORFOLK and WESTERN lettering were later, but any other color scheme up to and including the white "NW" would be correct, as would the low nose SD40-2's.

Jim Nichols 

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I’m modeling the Clinch Valley District in the summer of 1975.  I’ll need about 20 N&W locos and 12 L&N.  What types and paint schemes would be a good mix to represent what was in use on the line at that time?  I’m looking for two different answers: a “perfect world” that accurately represents the actual equipment in use, and a “real world” that takes into account the availability of RTR models and a desire to have an interesting mix on the layout.
Carl Woods
Richmond, VA
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