BLI Hoppers with 17" Letters

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I was told that the NWHS has long been out of the hopper decals and didn’t think they would be able to get more since the guy that made them had died a few years ago.

Was I misinformed?

Carl Woods

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Ben --

The BLI car is a great starting point, but has several problems that you may want to correct along with the lettering (see article in Nov/Dec 2005 Arrow). The N&WHS Commissary has excellent decals to correct the lettering.

Happy Modeling!

Bob Chapman

Ben Kroger writes:

I'm starting a small fleet of N&W hoppers but before I take the plunge, I'd like to know if the lettering on the 17" version has been corrected. Photos on the BLI website appear to show the lettering as too low.

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