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Thanks for your reply. This is what I wanted to accomplish -- a little
modeler's tool dialogue. Thanks to you and anyone else that wants to bring
something to our attention. As for Dremel, I'll hang on to my old (70's)
corded model with external speed control!
I've yet to hit Home Depot to see what they're promoting for the holidays.
I've found their Husky brand of miniature tools to be satisfactory for me.
And, in the past, they have offered different General Tools than Lowes.
Suggestions folks?
Thanks again,
Charlie Long

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> You didn't list it, but I especially like the cordless Dremel No. 770 T2

> Multi-Pro 7.2 volt rotary tool. I got it at Lowes several years ago. It

> comes

> in a small zippered soft-side mini tool bag with a small box of some basic

> tools; drills, stones, polishing pads, sanding drums, cutting wheels and

> such. I use that for about 90% of my model building needs that call for a

> Dremel tool.


> Greg Harrod



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> Modeler Tool Suggestion List

> By Charlie Long, Lynchburg


> DISCLAIMER: I am a Lowes employee and therefore in a position to see tools

> that may be of interest to the group. You may find the same tools or tools

> of equal value at another store or online.


> Like other model railroaders, I'm constantly on the watch for tools to add

> to my miniatures or precision tool box. Over recent years I've noticed

> that Lowes and Home Depot now carry more precision tools. As a Lowes

> employee

> and a recent transfer to the Tool World Department (NOT the best place for

> a tool junky!), I have first hand exposure to all of the tool products.

> There are a few that have caught my eye as potential for the modeler.

> Lowes

> introduces some of these at the holiday season to boost gift sales. I'm

> listing, with a brief description, a few here for your edification. And,

> you

> just may find one or all of these on sale between now and Christmas.

> You'll

> find the old brand General Tool as well as Lowe's own Kobalt brand.


> General Tool No. 1912, Lowes # 524036. Reg. $19.98, now $14.98. Twelve

> piece set in a case with cutting board. This is an interesting addition to

> General Tool line. If you have ever traveled for business and tucked an

> Accurail, Athearn or Tichy kit into the suitcase to work on at night

> you'll find

> this little kit pretty handy. The case zips open like a zippered notebook

> to expose a nice cutting board, Exacto style knife, pliers, miniature

> screwdriver (changeable bits), tweezers, magnifier and steel rule. The

> cutting

> board, knife and screwdriver themselves are probably worth the price.


> General Tool No. 500, Lowes # 78618. $19.98. 1.5 volt Cordless

> Screwdriver. This is a favorite tool! I reach for this when I have

> hard-to-reach

> locations. Uses the 1/4 hex drive changeable bits.


> General Tool No. 63518, Lowes # 78627. Around $16.00. A nice set of one

> handle and 16 precision bits to fit most anything. I like this set

> because of

> the extended shafts on the bits.


> General Tool No. 1433, Lowes # 190130. $19.98. I love my 6" stainless

> steel digital calipers but these are on my wish list! This neat little

> carbon

> fiber 3" set will probably do us modelers just fine for 90% of our work.

> Gives measurements in decimal inches and millimeters plus fractional

> inches!

> According to reviews, very accurate!


> Kobalt Model SF20, Lowes No. 271891, Knife Set. Reg. $19.98 Now $14.98.

> (MAY go to $9.98 for holiday sales!), 36 piece Exacto style blades. Handle

> doubles as a precision screwdriver handle (bits included) but this set has

> two blade chucks (collets?) with Kobalt 'SpeedFit' quick change

> shaft/collar.

> This is very handy when two different blades are needed. All in a very

> nice plastic case.


> Kobalt Model 63401-6354185331925, Lowes No. 501837, Precision 'Double

> Drive' Screwdriver Set. Reg. $19.98 Now $14.98. What's different about

> this set

> when compared to other precision sets? Lowes introduced their 'Double

> Drive' full size screwdriver line last year. This year they've expanded

> it to

> the precision or miniature line. Basically, this design doubles your

> output

> - half turn of the handle produces a full turn of the bit. Very handy if

> you don't have (or want) the General cordless model and you have to deal

> with

> long coupler or truck screws. 16 bits and extension included.


> Well girls and boys I hope this helps. Any questions, fire away. I'll try

> my best to answer. Don't forget to check for sales at Lowes and HD.


> Have a great holiday season and be thankful!

> Charlie Long





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