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Was doing some thinking here on the couplers, I dont have the Sunset, I have
an International, er.. have to recheck the maker its a way older model.
The truck spacing on the engine may be closer to the rear than your average
40 foot boxcar, you might not need that wide of swing, but if its kadee, I'm
sure its going to work.

Most brass steamers use the drawbar to transfer its power to the engine. The
engine picks its power from the right side while the tender from the left
If your able to fit a decoder and speaker in the engine no mods to the
tender are needed.
Most decoders have instructions on how to install them wiring wise. TCS has
connectors that will send the required wiring to the tender if thats where
it would be installed. Converting to DCC can get intricate, but not
The drawbar has a little spring wire to help make the current collection
better, but in this DCC world and engines that can superslow speed run
crawl, I often find sometimes it hits a blank and stalls, which is why I
reccomend a solid wired connection between engine tender. The same is true
for truck power pickup, often power pickup relies on the screw and a spring
to support the truck, I add a short wire from the tender to the truck to aid
power pickup.



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> Thanks for the replies everyone.


> Jim- I have been there and took the locomotive with me. They were a little

> bit baffled about DCC installation. Great place!


> Rick- What screws should I use? What about installing a working coupler on

> the front?


> Lynn- Are the tender trucks doing all the pickup? I see the locomotive

> won't run without the tender. What needs isolated to install the decoder?

> Again, I've never done a brass DCC installation before so any details you

> can provide would be helpful. I have very little DCC installation

> experience besides plug and go. So brass is daunting.


> Thanks all!


> Brad Custer

> Columbus, OH



> On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 10:04 PM, Custer, Bradley D <

> bradleydcuster at cedarville.edu> wrote:


> > Hi all,

> > Proud new owner of a like new, late run Sunset M #422. Several pressing

> > questions...

> >

> > 1. I purchased Kadee #5 couplers. This seems like it wont't work on the

> > tender as the coupler box will hang below the height of the rear trucks.

> > This doesn't allow for full motion swing. What should I use instead? How

> > about for the front?

> >

> > 2. DCC? How to install? I've never done a brass DCC installation before?

> > Please give me as many details as you can?

> >

> > 3. Paperwork? Did it come with some and could someone scan a copy of it

> > for me if it did?

> >

> > Thanks for your time!

> >

> > Happy railroading,

> >

> > Brad Custer

> > Columbus, OH

> >

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