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Speaking of roofs of all kinds, most of the photos of box cars show the catwalk the same color as the car itself. Am I right, or does the image/my old eyes not correctly portray the color. For example, I've seen some models of other lines use black or another color.
Thanks guys.
BTW, were any of you aware that Pullman had a car repair facility in Atlanta? I worked a movie set the other week and we shot inside the main repair barn. The "PULLMAN" logo is very visible on the windows in one of the entrances. A huge transfer table leads from the now of course abandoned trackage just off the MARTA and NS lines that adjoin it. If I remember right the table had 8-10 slots. Much of the equipment to move the table is still there and I'm going to try and get into the facility soon to take some photographs. There actually is one combine car still in there, trapped for all eternity (or whenever the city gets enough money to turn it into a park).
More to come, I hope.

Ed Svitil

Norfolk & Western Railway

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I'd agree with Jim, the roof paint on the cabs was a different type of paint, perhaps Deadnox? The reddish brown and yellow/cream survived a good while, and can be used in the 1950s, I believe that Blue Ridge was still painted those colors into the 1960s.
Ken Miller
On Oct 30, 2013, at 9:17 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:The colors apply to all buildings painted during the same time period, and in some cases, MofW equipment as well. I think the brown color on caboose roofs was not the same - darker, almost black. I could be wrong, but that is the way I remember it. Jim Nichols
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I just saw Ed ‘s question on roof colors and have a question about
interlocking towers roof colors. Does the same reddish brown and green
apply, I am modeling the 1950’s . Did the N&W use the same brown roof
coating on their buildings as they used on their cabooses.

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Larry Brown

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It all depends on when the building was painted, as N&W went
through several color schemes during the late '40's and the '50's. The reddish
brown is earlier, and the green is later.

Jim Nichols

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Guys - in many of the photos in the various reference works it
seems the roofs of maintenance and small operating facilities are some shade of
red/maroon? I always thought they were green, and the buildings with green
trim around the windows, doors, etc. It seems as though the predominant
color was white for the sills and jambs.

Anybody help me out here? Thanks!

Ed Svitil

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