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It's not often I totally blow an Internet search but I sure did this one! I
have been searching for 1950's mines! After taking a dinner brake and a
stroll through a book on mining that I realized I needed to change my search
parameters from coal mines to coal prep plants and a ton of info and photos
came up!
I am still however looking for a set of blueprints for dimensions! If
anyone has anything like this please contact me!
Ray Russell Sr

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I need some help! I have spent most of the past 2 Saturdays searching the
net for Blueprints for a West Virginia style mine. I am building a large
model railroad based on the Pocahontas Division From Williamson to Bluefield.
I have the track charts for the division and it names a number of mines.
However I have come to face the fact that trying to model each and every mine
accurately would probably eat up 2 - 3 lifetimes just doing the research!
LOL SO along that trend of thought I have decided to model a few as close
as possible and the rest will be based on practices of the time.
I am looking for a book, set of articles, web based site I may not have
found that has a mine broken down into it's basic components. Then of course I
need some key dimensions like how high the floor is above the rails.
Picking table and screen arrangements. If I wanted to build a Colorado mine a
lot of this is on the net but so far WV has been a bust. Any one have any
insights please share them with me!
Thanks in advance!
Ray Russell Sr.

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