Soundtrax Tsunami 1000 in Bachmann J Class

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I would try to set it as close you can at slow speed and live with the rest.
QSI Titans have a motor calculator you can match the chuff perfect, I am
amazed and no cam.

-Lynn Willer-

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> Hello,

> I have an HO Bachmann J which I fitted with a Soundtrax Tsunami 1000


> I cannot get the chuff rate to match the wheel revs at low speed. I have

been through all the Soundtrax instructions and played for a long time with
the CV values, but it is still not right.

> There should be 2 chuffs for every movement of the crosshead along the

slide bar. So when the crosshead gets back to the beginniong of the cycle
there have been 4 chuffs. Currently there are 2.5 chuffs.

> Has anybody done this conversion please and If so have you have managed to

get the chuff rate to match wheel revolution? If you have would you let me
know the CV settings please.

> Everything else is fine: whistle, bell, lights and general sound effects.

> I use an NCE Power Cab.


> Many Thanks

> Barry ReevesBlaby, Leicester. UK



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