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I'm trying to create a passable model of the "original" Powhatan Arrow in
which the coaches and lounge car were refurbished/modified 1941-era PM
cars. The issue I'm running into is that the PMs were built with, and in this
service ran with, 41-HR trucks, with "automotive" snubbers and an "early
style" Hyatt bearing housing.

The 41-HR truck is hard to find in HO. Walthers has used it, and it's in
their catalog, but it's back-ordered with "unknown" availability. Also,
the Walthers truck has rotary snubbers and a different bearing housing.
There are a couple of very nice brass 41-HR trucks available, but their pricing
for a pair of trucks gives big-time pause, especially when you want six
cars' worth. And, they all appear to use the newer Hyatt bearing housing
rather than the version on the PMs.

Train Station Products advertises a detail set consisting of rotary
snubbers and Hyatt bearing housings, but Walthers doesn't stock it and I can't
find a picture anywhere, so I don't know which version Hyatt bearing housings
are in the set. The snubbers aren't an issue, because I'd just modify the
bearing housings on some Walthers/Rapido/IHC 41-N-11 trucks, all of which
have automotive (piston) snubbers.

I know this is getting pretty deep into "accuracy overkill", because about
999 out of 1000 people wouldn't know a 41-HR from a 41-N-11 (used on the
1949 Arrow and the Budd sleepers) if they walked up and shook hands, but I
do, and it matters to me.

Has anyone solved this problem? How?

Many thanks in advance,

Dave Phelps
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