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Rather than try to figure out how to put this in Files, or ask Roger Link
to do it, I thought I'd send this out as an email.

This is the result of decades of digging. This is the most complete list
I've seen, but I am absolutely not saying that it is COMPLETE. I welcome
supplementation--with some references if possible. Now I've ignored the
number nicknames ("The Big Sixes, the 600's,)and the "affectionate"
nicknames (the Big Emmas). Yes, I left in Chesapeake because....well,
because. Purely my own opinion, but I have disregarded tank engines. To
me the CNJ 4-6-4T is not a Hudson, and the German 2-8-4T, although
interesting, is not a Berk.

Take your shots, but please read the notes at the bottom first.

Frank Bongiovanni





0-10-2 Union

2-4-0 Porter

2-6-0 Mogul

2-8-0 Consolidation

2-10-0 Decapod

2-4-2 Columbia

2-6-2 Prairie

2-8-2 Mikado, MacArthur

2-10-2 Santa Fe

2-6-4 Adriatic(1)

2-8-4 Berkshire, Kanawha

2-10-4 Texas, Colorado

4-4-0 American

4-6-0 Ten Wheeler

4-8-0 Twelve Wheeler, Mastodon

4-10-0 *El Gobernador*, Mastodon(2)

4-4-2 Atlantic

4-6-2 Pacific

4-8-2 Mountain, Mohawk

4-10-2 Southern Pacific, Overland

4-12-2 Union Pacific

4-4-4 Jubilee

4-6-4 Hudson, Baltic

4-8-4 Northern, Niagara, Greenbrier, Dixie, Pocono, Wyoming, Golden









2-6-6-6 Allegheny, Blue Ridge

2-8-8-2 Chesapeake(3)

4-6-6-4 Challenger

4-8-8-4 Big Boy

2-8-8-4 Yellowstone




*The Pennsy experimentals*

S1 6-4-4-6

S2 6-8-6

T1 4-4-4-4

Q1 4-6-4-4

Q2 4-4-6-4

The S1,T1,Q1 and Q2 were not articulated, but were divided drive
duplexes. It’s
also not quite fair to call the T1 and the Q2 experimental, as there were
about 25 built of each. The S1,S2, and Q1 were one of a kind. [there was
also a 4-4-4-4 duplex built for the B&O].


(1)none in North America. Oddly enough, 2-6-4 was a very popular Lionel
wheel arrangement.

(2)Yes, Mastodon was used for the 4-8-0 and the 4-10-0. And it’s further
ironic that the 4-10-0 had two different names as there was only one
locomotive of that type in the U.S.(on SP)

(3)not generally used
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