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I hope you get some response.
I've signed up for the W&LE Berk and have been waiting for 4 years for my
Erie Berks to be done.
The pilot model was at the Chicago O scale show in March and looked great!

Jim Kehn

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Sunset Models / 3rd rail is down a run of various railroads Berkshire
steam engines. They had planned to do the Virginian but at the moment
they don't have enough reservations. Scott Mann said that if they had
25 solid reservations he could do the Virginian version with the large
tender. People would have an option of 2-rail or 3-rail. I'm
estimating the cost to be around $1,600. These engines have never been
done in O scale and this may be our only chance to get them. Personally
I will buy several in 2-rail.

Many thanks,

Ken Towler
201 Grist Mill Road
Lynchburg, VA 24501-7732.............where the Lynchburg Belt Line cuts
my farm in half between Opposum Creek and Beaver Creek viaducts.
cell 434-942-7888
fax 434-528-9372

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