2013 NWHS convention pictures

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Wed Aug 7 13:19:39 EDT 2013

Our hard working and alert webmaster has posted a number of pictures from
the 2013 NWHS convention in Twin Falls. Fortunately, we got a lot of
submissions from photographers who are better at it than I am. There are
pictures from the tours, including our trips to the Beckley Exhibition
Mine, the Whipple Company Store, and Thurmond (!!). There are also some
pictures of the models in the display area. Those of us who went had a
great time. Yes, we are unsubtly posting this to get you all to think
about our Every Five Year Go Home to Roanoke convention in the summer of


Frank Bongiovanni
[who, in between trying to model Mullens to Elmore in his basement, is
still looking for suggestions for conventions in 2015 and beyond,
volunteers to be local convention hosts, and volunteers for the NWHS
Convention Committee]
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