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I'm modeling the N&W in 1959...in n scale. Right at the end of the steam era. Love those early diesels, as well as the queen of the fleet...the J3 611, which I believe ...all ran in that year.

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I was able to access the survey with no problems. I model the mid-1950's N&W, when steam development and maintenance was at its height. Sad to think the whole system came crashing down only a few short years later.Lois J. PontonN&W steam historian

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Hey Bill, seemed to work good a couple of days ago. I'm in Alpharetta and model n&w. Good luck, enjoy the wet 4th. Ed Svitil

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The link is

http://nwhs.org/2013Survey :-)

Please try again.

If it still does not work, go to the home page
and there is a link to the survey in the middle of the page.

Thank you for your input.

Ron Davis

At 01:00 AM 7/2/2013, you wrote:

I was unable to pull up
Has it been placed on the web yet? I'm a native
Virginian who is enamored with the N&W and Virginian - had to be
living in the Norfolk-Va, Beach area near the Military Hwy/Va. Beach Blvd
overpass. I am an armchair reader who enjoys of the magazines and
some modeling. Not knowing the questions in the survey, I may have
some useful input.

Bill Smith


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