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Fri May 31 14:59:57 EDT 2013

Thank You everyone for your replies! I still have some access to Floquil paints and believe I even have the Dark blue in my stash from doing a PLM lease unit. I have not painted a blue N&W unit till I thought of doing a SD40 in blue. I will continue to look. With the comments I guess a better statement would have been what to "start with" as I have seen that the blue is not the same.

As I am kinda a co-host for the Winston Salem mini-con, I was just wondering who might be heading here in October. There is no schedule as yet so if anyone has a clinic to give or a presentation times are still open. There are several pieces of N&W equipment here in Rural Hall including three Cabs all C30's and two plug door boxcars.

James Wall

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