2013 NWHS Convention Clinic/Seminar lineup

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Mon May 13 16:35:09 EDT 2013

As always this schedule is subject to change as "Things Happen", but here
is what we have planned so far:

*Thursday Evening*

*Official Convention Opening*

* *

*Beckley Tour Preview*

* *

*Paul Weber: *Detailing an N&W T-6

*Friday Evening*

*Winding Gulf Tour Preview*

*Aubrey Wiley*: The Virginian Heritage Trail

*Jim Nichols*: Modeling N&W and Virginian steam

*Virginian Interest Group*


*Saturday evening*

* *

*Tom Salmon *Virginian and the Billion Dollar Coalfield *[At the MOC dinner]


*[at Twin Falls]*

*Gerry Albers*: History and Operations on the Model Deepwater District

*Everett Young*: Virginian's New River Division During the N&W and NS Era.

* *
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