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*In connection with the 2013 Norfolk & Western Historical Society
Convention in June, we have been invited to the fundraising dinner of the
Mullens Opportunity Center(MOC). That organization will be having its
fundraising dinner of ham, pinto beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, and
dessert on Saturday, June 15 at 5 PM. Some background information on the
dinner is that it celebrates the local coal and rail industry. We will be
having some, if not all, of the tour buses going straight there from our
tour on that Saturday, and the buses will stay while we eat, and then
return us to Twin Falls. The number of buses going to the MOC is of course
contingent on the number of people who decide to attend the dinner. *

*For more information on the Mullens Opportunity Center please visit:*


*Although this is not an official convention event, we are hoping that
most, if not all, of our convention registrants will consider attending
this dinner. The dinner is more than affordable and will allow us to
interact with Virginian Railway retirees, plus see some of the Virginian
artifacts on display at the MOC including the Feller Heritage Center in the
parking lot. To some extent this may be seen as a fill-in for the missing
Saturday night banquet that most are accustomed to. The 5 PM start time
should get us back to Twin Falls around 7:30 in time for a full evening of
seminars. Also, in view of the nature of the event and a request from the
local folks, we are considering scheduling an appropriate seminar to be
given during the dinner. *

*The dinner price is $12.00 per person. *

*Use SKU 2412.2F and order via the http://www.nwhs.org or mail request with
check or credit card info to: NWHS, P.O. Box 13908 , Roanoke , VA.
24038-3908 or Fax 540-342-7439 or phone 540-342-0575 (answering machi**ne)*

* *

*Frank Bongiovanni*
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