Micro-Trains v Atlas hoppers

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Fri Jan 18 23:01:31 EST 2013

Micro-Trains has just released an 8-car "runner pack" (993-00-801) of
hoppers lettered for HL. I have complained about a design problem
before, but MT just doesn't get it, as the current release photographs
reveal. MT's mold goes way back over multiple N&W production runs, is
out-sized for any N&W 2-bay hopper, and has no prototypical fishbelly
for HL, as lettered by MT.

The best N-Scale N&W 2-bay hopper bet is Atlas' 41000 series, accurate
in proportions, ends and sides with 7 vertical stakes and fishbelly to
match the lettering in HL. Atlas, to be sure, has not produced an 8-car
pack. No sweat. Just secure the hopper quantity desired and as needed
reletter report numbers within the diverse HL series. * I*worked up an
entire Atlas drag this way.

Sadly missing, of course, is an accurate N&W 3-bay hopper in the scale.
One can always kit-bash from 2-bay models, but so far I've opted to
content myself with solid 2-bay consists, which actually I recall seeing
mid-century from time to time on the Norfolk Division.

*Frank Gibson*
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