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Ken --


As the original poster of this query, a big thanks for taking the time to dig out the two magazine articles.


It's great fun to relive the memories of my childhood visit to the "N&W Junior," and learn a bit more about Mr. Bussa's operation.

The solid coverage by the N&W Mag makes one wonder whether there are additional photos and material in the archives (along with insights from a local expert?), for a possible "Arrow" article. This N&W jewel truly deserves some additional contemporary coverage.  


All the best,

Bob Chapman 

Ken Miller writes:

OK, found and scanned the other article, which was in the September 1952 N&W Magazine, it is fuzzy, but still readable, but needed to be small to get it through the mail system.

This one shows the Class J cab and business car end in the photos.

Hope you all enjoy

Ken Miller

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