"Norfolk and Western Jr. Railway"

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As I recall. the platform at the entrance was from the wood business car #400,
which was scrapped at Portsmouth about the same time Roanoke Shops was building
the steel #400. The N&W Magazine article was in 1952. (Can't give the month, as
my photocopy does not list it, but it was on pages 536-538)

Jim Nichols

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There was at least one maybe two articles in the N&W Magazine about the model
railroad. It was at least sort of, a semi official thing for the railroad, as
they provided a number of artifacts for the place. One of special interest was a
cab built at Roanoke Shops for a Class J, full size, but built for the model
railroad. It was the Bussa family there, as I recall.

I'll try to pull the magazines and scan them sometime over the weekend

Ken Miller

On Dec 13, 2012, at 6:28 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

In going through some high school snapshots, I ran across a few photos of a
rambling building in the countryside near Portsmouth.


>I encountered this facility quite by accident on a road trip across southern

>Ohio. A large sign across its top proclaims the building to be "Home of the

>Norfolk and Western Jr. Railway". Interestingly, a smaller sign near the door

>also announced availability of "Revolvers, Shotguns, Rifles, Ammunition" inside.


>The building was entered via the platform of a genuine N&W steel caboose. Inside

>was a large O-scale layout which featured a nicely modeled J and the

>expected assortment of articulateds with coal trains.  


>Does anyone besides me remember this place? I'd be interested in any further

>details. (If there's an expert out there -- good fodder for an Arrow article!)



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