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Hey Jimmy

I don't really think so. That tower design only appeared in a few places on the Norfolk Division, the vast majority of them on the Radford and Pocahontas divisions, and one in Columbus.

They were really a short lived design, drawing C-92 is dated October 30, 1889, revised to January 25, 1893, another similar drawing, C-133 is dated 1890 and revised in 1893, while the standard signal tower is dated July 15, 1900.

The other item of note, is the foundation of the octagonal tower is listed as stone, not concrete.

Ken Miller

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>> There was a tower at Coopers. It was located near the water tank at guard rail curve. It was retired early and there are not many photographs of it, but they exist. There is one in the NWHS archives in a book of postcards. I considered putting it in the Pocahontas Division book but it didn’t make the final cut. The tower was octagonal in shape, similar to the tower at Graham VA.




>> Mason Cooper


> Mason,

> Could something like this be the reason for the octagon concrete footer near the James River end of the station platform at Natural Bridge Station? I have always wondered what this footer went to.


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