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I am new to this list and this topic may have been discussed already and if
so I apologize. The other day I saw the MTH USRA 55 ton steel twin hopper
in N&W lettering at my local hobby shop. My question for this group is how
prototypical is this model from a N&W standpoint. I model the C&O in 1944
and have an interest in running N&W equipment when feasible. An online
search located a very interesting and detailed review of the MTH hopper in
the Autumn 2011 Keystone Modeler by Bruce Smith. He concludes his review by
noting that the car is well done but not an exact match for those modeling
the Pennsy. He goes on to note that "given the critical role the USRA
hopper played in the development of hoppers in the US, and the much larger
fleets of these hoppers on other railroads, I would suggest PRR modelers
need this car painted and lettered for one of the other fleets." Any
information about the faithfulness of this model from a N&W standpoint
would be greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday.



Gerard J. Fitzgerald
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