E-3 Whistle?

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All photos I can find indicate that the E3's had standard N&W passenger whistles of the prewar era, i.e., the well-known "hooter" whistle of more modern times (12" bell).  They were apparently mounted on the same bolt pattern as PRR's whistles, at a slight angle crosswise on the back of the steam dome.  So they would sound like a Y6, A, and most others in the N&W freight family, but NOT like a PRR K4 or N&W J/K2..

Dave Stephenson

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Good Evening All,

I am in the process of putting a sound decoder in a E-3 pacific that the N&W owned. The question I have is does anyone know what type of whistle was on the locomotive when the N&W owned it? 

Basically does it sound different than the Pennsylvania RR version?

David Baker

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