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I was in the room when Rivarossi was asking for a ideas for a new project. The gentlemen turn to me and asked what I thought and I suggest doing the VGN AG as it could utilize the existing dies of the C&O loco by changing the domes and doing a new tender. Rivarossi like the idea and I never heard anymore. It sounds as though there are different ideas if the loco will be correct or not. I guess we will have to wait and see. I saw the Rivarossi ad in the November Model Railroader on page 69.

Thanks, Stephen

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I have not seen the test shots but know there is major new tooling involved in the project. Hornby Rivarossi did extensive research in preparation for this model including getting builders drawings from the N&W Archives

Charlie Vlk

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Does anyone know if the Rivarossi Virginian Class AG is going to be correct. I had suggest this loco them over a year ago when then sere looking for something new to do. (November 2012 – Suggested retail $599.99)

Stephen Rineair

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