Very small N&W 0-6-0?

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I took a quick check of my N&W Handbook and found references to a few
19th century 0-6-0 switchers:
Class P, 132-137, Baldwin, 87-90
Class R, 129-31, 395-400, Richmond, 83-85
Class S (first), 138-40, Rogers, 88
There were also several 4-6-0 engines if there is an attachment point
for a pony truck.
Or the lowest threshold would be to make it an industrial switcher.

Jeff Cornelius

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Folks, I have a little puzzle..
I recently purchased an old Bachmann HO scale 0-6-0, thinking it was a
Spectrum model. When I got it, I realized that it's much smaller. The
drivers are about 43" diameter, the overall wheelbase is only 10', and
the middle driver is offset to the rear 6" of center. I can find no
prototype locomotive on either Southern or the Danville & Western, my
two primary roads. Since I also have a little bit of N&W on my layout,
I was wondering.. did the N&W ever have anything that small? At this
point, I don't care about anything other than the wheelbase and
diameter, as I will have to build the rest of the loco anyway. Was
there a suitable N&W prototype?

Kenneth Rickman
Salisbury, NC
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