South River Lumber Co, Aubrey's Conv presentation

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Sun Jul 1 20:43:28 EDT 2012

Anyone who missed getting a copy of my homemade map of South River Lumber Co. may contact me directly and I will be happy to reply with a jpg image. The map is far from scale and it is intended to show county roads that may be taken to reach points along the old line. Please do not expect a quick reply though.

We are without power because of a terrible storm Friday and I am sending this from a public connection. Because of fthe damage I see in our section of Lynchburg, it will be at least a week before power is restored. We were very lucky in that we suffered very little damage. The siganls and etc. were not damaged at all.

Charlotte and I enjoyed the convention very much, seeing old friends and making new ones. Thanks!

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Aubrey Wiley

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