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Mon Jun 18 22:57:11 EDT 2012

It didn't get finalized until today for various reasons, but of the two
seminars listed as TBA: the first session Friday morning is my clinic
"Comparison and Contrast of the Motive Power of the N&W, the Virginian, and
the C&O". The first afternoon seminar will be on contributing to the
Arrow, with one or more of the editors. I also want to point out that Bill
McClure's clinic, Paul Weber's clinic, and mine will including modeling.
Modeling will also be a large portion of the Virginian Interest Group
meeting, if past history is any indicator.

I'm always trying to get more modeling clinics at these conventions. I
suspect that a lot of modelers are working on their models and don't want
to take the time to prepare clinics; trust me, it is worthwhile and fun
sharing, folks. And we will help with the clinic logistics. [subtle hint].

Frank Bongiovanni
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