Looking for a Broadway Limited Y6b 2-8-8-2

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Mon May 21 07:32:09 EDT 2012

> I too have the same question regrading the Broadway Limited vs Precision Craft vs Paragon2.

I have the first release by Broadway LImited of the Y6b and it is in a Paragon 2 box. I think the Broadway Limited release you are talking about might be the "Blueline" they produce without sound but DCC ready(add your own decoder). Precision Craft made the Y6b first. Precision Craft was a separate company of Broadway Limited that used ESU sound instead of QSI in an effort to cut cost. I have not talked to anyone that has the Precision Craft model about how they run and sound. I have had the chance to look over my Broadway several time and compare it to pictures and a brass United Y6b. To me I like the Broadway. Also my Y6b runs very well with my Broadway A.
Sound wise I think it is very close on all sounds comparing it to video of a Y6b. The only Broadway sound I did not like was the first J whistle but the upgrade chip sounded much better. Also my Y6b runs very well with my Broadway A.

The Y6b requires no upgrade chip. If anyone has a J, I highly recommend you get the upgrade chip. better performance and a whole lot better sounding whistle.

With all this said, is anyone interested in a brass Y6b. Unit needs some work(replace one lubricator front driver set valve gear) and remotoring. I have a NWSL motor for the job just no time to do it. Numbered 2178. I found one stamp for United on it at one time but I cannot find it this morning. Not sure what run it is from but is older with uncovered driver gears. Price $450 and negotiable. Contact me off list at nsc39dash8 at windstream.net for more info.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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