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I started on a K1 several years ago with a Spectrum Heavy Mountain. There
was a guy on here that I bought a resin casting of the unique sand dome.
The guy was on this list. I used the tender from and IHC 4-8-2 which looks
very close to the hand me down tenders N&W but on them late in there life.
You will need to change to buckeye trucks.

It should work out just fine as a kitbash. I never finished mine because I
got busy on other things.

John Rhodes

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> Hi all,


> I am considering an n&w kitbash effort. Does the group have any advice on

> where to start if i desired to take a bachmann spectrum heavy mountain and

> updated it to a 1950 (ish) non-streamlined class k....either k2 or k1? I

> see one major difference in air pumps and feedwater heater.....anything

> else?


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