Pocahontas Mining in Germany

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Here you go. These are in order through the page. I have tried to make
the "raw" verbatim translation more in tune with common English sentence
structure. Hopefully I have not corrupted Michael's intended meaning.
My German is far from faultless. I hope these convey the the correct
information, the last couple of translations are suspect.


Jim Stapleton

1] Model Railroad Club Stetten / Donau eV, 10-year anniversary
exhibition 2010

2] As can be seen it is not difficult, displayed on this layout is a
model of an American railroad [system]. Shown is the coal loading of a
mine on a single track.

3]Coming from the right, the track crosses a river bed on a multi-span
plate girder bridge. On one side, the river bed drops off a steep cliff.
On the opposite side of the river below the railway line, a village is
located, the with buildings stretching up the slope.

4] After [crossing] the river and joining with another line, the track
passes under the railway tracks of a coal loadout. At the end of the
tail track is a little hut for supplies and tools, and there are some
cars behind the building.

5] The hopper cars are filled on three tracks. The coal comes by
conveyor belt from above and is then distributed to three conveyors for

6] The caboose must be pulled on to the open track. It is then backed
over to the main line, until the whole train is removed from the loading
facilities and pushed back and coupled to the caboose.

7] This is on the other side of the coal loading facility where the
steam bed is crossed by a wooden bridge. Before the bridge is a typical
American water crane, where the steam locomotives used to take on water.

8] Immediately after the stream and the water crane, the track
divides,continuing straight or turning right, each in a tunnel.
After the whole long train passes through the tunnel completely and the
loco comes to light, the train is stopped, the whole train is reversed
and sent back.

On 3/10/2012 4:21 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> /NWHS member Michael Fuchs sent us this link to photos of his

> exhibition model layout in Germany titled "Pocahontas Mining Company".


> //http://www.kirnbachtaeler.de/modell/ausstellung122-stetten.html/


> /Ron Davis/

> Gee whiz Ron, at least you could have translated that for us! :) :) :)

> Jimmy Lisle

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