Need brass PFM N&W 'A' tender

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I'm not familiar with what PFM offered, but when Key offered theirs for example, they included the first group of A's 1200 thru 1209 which were delivered with a B class non- streamlined tender. The prototypes were later rebuilt into H class streamlined tenders. I'm assuming you're looking for a streamlined tender which could be H, C, or I class depending on which group of A's you're looking at.
Road numbers 1210 thru 1234 used class C tenders except #1223 which had the H class tender
Road numbers 1235 thru 1242 used class I tenders
All three types of tenders were used on the Y6, Y6a, and Y6b's as well.

Don Yelverton

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I am looking for the PFM tender made by United for the N&W class 'A' locomotive model. I am not aware of different versions of the model tender, through I could be wrong there.

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