N&W brass diesels - opinions about custom paint

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Thanks, Ed.

I’d say you’ve clearly answered my questions 1) and 3).

It’s reassuring that the numbers applied are appropriate N&W numbers for the respective models.

Regarding my question 2): I cannot discern whether the SD-40 is painted black or a really dark blue. The blue on the RS-11 seems to be something like the blue that I recall.

Again, I appreciate your reply!

Jerry P.

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I do eBay searches on N&W HO models virtually on a daily basis and had seen these 2 models. Reading your note today I went back and looked them over again. In the past with my model railroad I had 3 each of the ALCO Models/KMT SD-40’s and RS-11’s. I sold them in the mid 90’s. These model’s are state of the art 1970’s brass. They lack good detail and are real difficult to keep running as well as growling like the devil when they do.(I had 30 or so KMT built diesel models of this basic mechanical/electrical design and level of prototype detail that were imported in the late 60’s or 70’s). They collectively were a never ending maintenance project if you wanted to keep them running.

As for paint N&W 1604 was blue with the ½ moon scheme when delivered from EMD later becoming black NW and may have even received the final N&W black scheme prior to retirement as well s NS. I’d have to go pull 35mm slides to see what 2850 (the number is that of a NKP RS-11)was initially painted after the NKP/WAB/PWV/ACY merger but blue is likely correct. The ALCO model has dynamic brakes that weren’t on the former NKP RS-11’s but it’s other features are relatively close to the NKP prototype.

If I recall the starting prices on the models are $129ea? This is pretty high for what these older KMT built models not to mention the quality of the paint.

My 10 cents…

Ed Painter; Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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Hello N&W Modeling List,

I am interested in your opinions concerning the custom paint on two brass diesels that were recently on eBay.

My questions are:

1) N&W did indeed have these on their roster at one time, right?

2) Are these painted in appropriate colors?

3) Are the numbers applied correct?

The eBay item numbers are SD40 120845098759 and RS-11 310372889282. You should be able to copy/paste the items numbers into the eBay search box and find these, now ended, auctions.

I look forward to your replies.

Best regards,

Jerry P.

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