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Hi, Jerry -

The caboose was done by a loose-knit group known as "Friends of the VGN",
as a fund-raising project to help restore the C-10 located in Mullens, VA.
Skip Salmon played a central role in this project and could tell you more.
Contact him at gkholine at

- Marty Swartz

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> Hello N&W Modeling List,


> I have a question about a Roundhouse caboose that I have. Perhaps someone

> out there can help me identify what it is and where it came from?


> The box is a perfectly normal Roundhouse “Quality HO-Scale Kit” that says

> on the end of the box “Roundhouse Virginian No. 307 C-10 Caboose Limited

> Edition Commemorative Model” and also has hand-written in what is sort of

> like gold leaf ink “39 of 50.”


> The caboose itself is an exceptionally nicely painted red w/ black roof

> plastic model with decals that reflect what the end of the box says. Looks

> like glass windows and Kadee or Kadee-like couplers. The plastic trucks

> seem a bit inappropriate. On the bottom of the caboose is “39” in the same

> gold leaf ink. There is also the usual sheet of Roundhouse assembly

> instructions. However, I never assembled this caboose; it came assembled.

> Just who assembled and decaled this caboose for me?


> There is a “Certificate of Authenticity” that says “This is No. 39 of 50

> limited edition caboose models built to commemorate the Virginian Railway

> Caboose No. 307 Museum in Mullens, West Virginia. October 2001.”


> Can anyone out there shed some light on what this is and where it came

> from beyond what I have already shared in the foregoing message?


> If somehow this an off-list sort of question, please respond directly to

> saxonii at


> Thanks in advance,

> Jerry P.


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