BCW's doing an MS3!

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On pages 22-23 of the latest Arrow are Louis Newton's shots of one still
baggage/mail at Lynchburg in 1954. On page 72 of the W&W Handbook is a shot of
one as an MS3, but no date is given. Only visible change is plating over of the
windows in the RPO apartment.

You could graft the BCW sides onto a Walthers B60, but why not just use the BCW
kit? Anyway, if you do start with the Walthers B60, how about save the sides
from it for me? I'll come up with a roof and set of ends.

Jim Nichols

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Hi all,

I was on BCW's site the other night, and came across this:

I know they had the mail storage variety in the '50s, but how long did they run
in the original baggage-RPO configuration? the BMh class? 

I'm thinking of taking the sides, and other details, and grafting them on to a
Walthers B60b. Sound good?

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