Modeling N&W RS-3s in 1956

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Where were they assigned?

Philip Taylor
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To add to this, since the RS3s were delivered with dual controls, the cab window arrangement is different than on "stock" phase III RS3s.  Check pictures and maybe use an extra shell of any phase model to modify the cab sides.

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Neither the Atlas or Athearn RS-3 models are made with Phase-III carbodies.  Stewart made HO RS-3’s with Phase–III carbodies.  Finding a Stewart shell may take a bit of effort but through internet searches you will likely find one over time.  I did a search and found one that had already sold so they are out there.  I’d also caution you to look at the cab window size, the stack orientation, and short hood details.  The RS-3’s bought new by the N&W had dynamic brakes which effected the location of the number boards and added addition detail to the short hood.  Looking at pictures of the 3 sides and top of the short hood will show these details.  As for the early N&W diesel lettering, I don’t know of and decals produced to specifically address this scheme.  My suggestion, since the lettering was the same style and gold color used on stream locomotives would be to investigate the various decal sets made for N&W steam locomotives and see if
you can find a size match.  The Microscale set includes different sizes of lettering.   


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>Hi all,


>I've always been fond of RS-3s and upon realizing quickly that the N&W acquired eight of them as their first diesels in 1955 I've decided I'd like to investigate modelling them in HO-scale. 


>First off, I've not found any models painted in the as-delivered paint scheme which I understand is all-over black with Dulux gold lettering yes? I know they were originally numbered 92-99 then renumbered 300-307 in 1956. 


>Of those created by Athearn/MDC, Atlas and Bachmann which would be closest to a Phase-III unit? if I cannot acquire a Phase III unit I'll use whatever's the best stand-in. Can anyone recommend a good decal set? I understand the steam engine decals might be a good choice but wanted to get a second opinion. 


>Thank you in advance

>Alvie Hearren


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