upgrading an old brass CH

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Mon Aug 15 20:34:27 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Just ordered and anxiously awaiting an old Westside model of an N&W CH in
postwar steam-era lettering. After ordering it, I looked again at the photos
and noticed some details missing from the model like some end railing
details. I want to upgrade it, and I think the end-railings and ladders from
an Atlas Trainman caboose (if Atlas will send me the parts) look about right
(at least to start.

The trucks on the model both look kind of crude and have roller bearings so
they'll go. Can anyone suggest appropriate trucks?

Other things I am thinking of doing include working marker lights (Tomas
lights painted yellow will be close enough for me).

Thank you, any and all help with this project will be much appreciated,
Alvie Hearren
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