H11 Hoppers

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Sun Jun 5 22:48:44 EDT 2011

While looking through Jim Nichols' Color Guide to Freight & Passenger
Equipment I landed on the H11 hoppers page. With the similarity between the
H11, H11 (modified) and H11a it seems to me that back dating a Bowser 100
ton (H11a) would be a relatively simple project. To get the H11 (modified) a
sill 15" below the model top sill would need to be added on each side. To
get an original H11 the top 15" would have to be removed. A new top sill
added and peaked ends built up. The brake wheel would also have to be
lowered. What else am I missing?
Please be aware that I am not trying to account for every rivet, I'm just
trying to add some diversity to my mid 70's model fleet.

Don Trettel

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