N&W N Scale Caboose Dilemma!

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Wed May 4 19:14:29 EDT 2011

Hello N&W modelers,

I’m really going to need some help from you retired former
employees, or students of N&W history.

I want to model the year 1959. I have a pretty good handle
on what emblems go on what locomotives for that era, thanks to you…for
giving me some answers and pointing me in the right direction. Now I hope you will do the
same concerning the cabooses.

>From my findings of what is on the market for n scale

cabooses, there are three basic heralds.

1. The white hamburger emblem below the cupola and Norfolk and Western
written in white block letters below, centered on the body. These appear to be
on the C-17s, which places the cupola near the end of the car.

The same configuration appears on the C9 (Atlas calls it a
NE-6), placing the cupola in the center of the car.. This particular Atlas
model has four numbers divided into two sets, 557728 & 557733 and 557763
& 557769. According to The N&W Historical Society site, the caboose
number series of 557761-557784 were former NPR cabooses, in which one pair of
numbers fit. NPR was merged into the
N&W in 1964, so I am in doubt that even though the emblem “may” fit into my
era, the numbers don’t. I couldn’t find any information on the other two

2. N&W in small white block letters (about the size of
the hamburger emblem) placed directly under the cupola…period! No “Norfolk &
Western” displayed anywhere. This configuration also appears on the C17 model.

3. N&W in large white blocked letters directly under the
cupola….on the C9 model were the cupola is in the center of the car, and same
as above, no “Norfolk
and Western” displayed anywhere.

I also searched for n scale decals (Microscale & Shell
Scale) of the white hamburger emblem and couldn’t find any…just in case I had
to buy an unmarked caboose and dress it to fit my era. My reasoning is that the
caboose emblems would be very similar to the locomotive emblems…as they changed.
I am pretty certain that the large white block letters would not fit…even
though the caboose’s built date would fit in to the 1959 era. Besides, the
white block letters for the locomotives came in the early 70s shortly after John
Fishwick became N&W’s CEO. That being said, I am not certain about the
small white block emblems on the cabooses.

So…my question is…What N&W caboose emblems would fit
into the 1959 era?

Please correct me, if you find any of the information I
stated above is incorrect.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill Capranica

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