auxiliary tenders, BLI vs. Spectrum

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Hi Alvie;

There are more models non-brass models out there:

• Spectrum as noted - represents the '50's (there were none in the '40's - A-tanks on the N&W really took off in 1952).
• BLI - also '50's.
• Bachmann (old from '70's) represents the excursion A-tank built from L&N tenders.
• Pocahontas resin kit, unfortunately for the company, came out at the same time as the Spectrum model.

I find both the Spectrum and BLI model except able for the '50's era.

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Hi all,

So there are two models of N&W Auxiliary tenders out there. Of the two, which one represents the '40s/50s variant and the other those used in excursion service? And of the two, which is seriously the better model? I one time owned the Spectrum variant and thought it looked good, but would imagine the BLI model is quite sublime. The Spectrum model, if you're willing to strip and repaint can be had quite inexpensively, while the BLI models if you can find them are not surprisingly way more expensive.

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