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Begging your pardon, Harold, but the SD35's were delivered in black. As were the
first C628"s. Maybe you are remembering the SD45's. They were delivered in blue
(but not in 1965).      Jim Nichols

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Bill: I have to disagree with you on this one. The day Mr. Fishwick returned to
Roanoke as President of the N&W he told Dick Dunlap to " Get rid of that damn
Wabash Blue".  
The N&W-C&O merger plan had nothing to do with the N&W blue period. When I first
worked for the N&W in the summer of 1965 N&W was receiving SD35s in Blue. I rode
two brand new SD35s from Roanoke to Norfolk on #84 along with an EMD rep. The
engineer was concerned that we had too much tonnage to be able to hold the train
to the correct speed while decending the grade east of Huddleston on the VGN. We
had no problem and the SD 35s performed very well.   Harold 
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