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Lois --

If you are willing to experiment -- I had good luck many decades ago
filing down the flanges of a Rivarossi E8. Just turn on the power and file the
flanges as the wheels rotate. Once the flanges are trimmed to the desired
depth, file them from the back to thin them so that they will not pick
switchpoints. As you file, be careful with the temperature to avoid melting the
styrene wheel centers. The non-powered wheels can probably be replaced with
aftermarket parts.

If this doesn't work, you will still have a display locomotive for your

Good luck!
Bob Chapman

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Very sorry this message got sent to both mailing lists. However, I do have
another question. If I do decide to buy the old AHM Y6b, what would be
the best idea for dealing with the oversize flanges? However, I would buy the
engine just to sit in the roundhouse, as in my time period (mid-1950's)
2-8-8-2's were very common in Williamson...
Lois J. Ponton

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