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Here's a link to a database to "all" brass manufactured, all scales.  I'm sure there may be some discrepancies but its a great reference tool. 


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Freight cars would be something we could try.  So often road-names are simply put onto a boxcar of other car type with little regard for prototype accuracy.  There are however a number of models that have been produced that pretty well represent N&W prototypes.  I have a very large number of HO freight cars from present going back to the 50s (and in some case the 40s).  All my locomotives and rolling stock for all railroads are inventoried on Excel spread sheets by railroad,  car or locomotive number (the railroads number on the piece of equipment) along with the manufacturer and their stock or ID number (if I have the original box or simply have it).   To compile a complete list of all car models lettered N&W would be significant undertaking.  It might be interesting to try.  I need to give some thought on where to begin……accuracy of freight car models (even those that were to be specific N&W prototypes)would be a real point of contention.
Putting an all inclusive list of N&W factory lettered cars together would at least be a starting point.  I have something under 500 N&W freight cars as part of my model railroad.  Wood, wood/metal, metal, plastic, and a few brass ones.  Many of these model would greatly disturb the modelers that are absolute purists because manufacturers simply applied N&W lettering to a large production run model.  I could always clean up my spreadsheet, removing duplicates and custom painted models, send it out to on modeling list, and solicit additions and comments to my home email address to add to or modify my list?  I have already considered doing this with brass and plastic locomotives as well as brass non-revenue equipment, and passenger cars.
I may be on the verge of creating a monster here!
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This is the kind of information I've found myself looking for since I started modeling the N&W. I for one would be very grateful for a reference like this. If it's not too much trouble including info on what plastic models are (mostly) accurate (freight cars especially) would be great as well.


Yes.  It would be fun.  I find it interesting how many errors and omissions there are in the books that have been published on brass models.  This could be an opportunity to compile a very accurate and complete listing of locomotives (steam, diesel, and electric), cabs, freight cars, passenger cars, and misc. equipment produced in brass from Japan and Korea. Likewise it could also include specific N&W prototypes produced in plastic.
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