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Many of the young modelers don't have the skills, or patience to actually build a car kit. Bowser stopped making Steam engine kits for the same reason. Now we have to endure the lousy engineering and variable quality of the manufacturers. I have ranted elsewhere that the current plastic articulated engines are using concepts that Rivorossi used 60 years ago on their Y6b. The excuse for that was excessive overhang of the boiler as the engine went around the 18" curve. The BLI "A" overhangs more from the cab than a correctly articulated brass "A" does at the boiler. I really have no respect for the modern toy choo-choo's being offered from the various manufacturers who add DCC, irritating sound and smoke units instead of long lasting sturdy mechanics and decent motors. I have several Bowser engines, and my dad has over 25 of them, and even the smaller ones will outpull todays plastic articulated engines. They will continue to offer less quality engines as people will buy them anyway.
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Why are so many manufacturers of HO doing so much of their items limited run? HO scale I used to be able to find what I was looking for and be able to buy it at reasonable prices. Now it is gone by the time I have received information about release or it is exorbitantly marked up. And why did Athearn n Walthers stop making car kits? That was a big part of model railroading that I enjoyed. They tripled the price and cheapened the products like plastic hand rails on locos. Just like the auto industry.

Not intended to insult anyone or a manufacturer. Just frustrating for loyal HO scaler. Thanks for letting me vent.

Jon Kelley
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