Back in the hobby, and modelling an M1 RPO facsimile

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Mon Dec 27 03:41:27 EST 2010

Hi all,

After many years of ogling HO models and checking out other interests, I am
ready to start doing HO trains in some capacity again, and I chose a
railroad always near and dear to me, the N&W in the late '50s. I have little
to no room for a layout, but decided that just leaves me to concentrate on
what I really love: passenger cars and passenger trains. No surprise, I am
excited that MTH is releasing the Powhatan Arrow.

Aside the Powhatan Arrow, I'd like to also build up a Pocahontas consist,
and have been searching out available cars for that. And thus have several
questions related to modeling both trains.

For one, I checked out Bethlehem Car Works B&O H11 RPO kit, and after
comparing to photos online and in Wiley and Wallace's *Norfolk and
Western* handbook,
I'm thinking a facsimile could be modeled if one replaces the clerestory
roof with an arch roof, uses appropriate 4-wheel trucks, and the same roof
vents from their BEk baggage-express car. And of course, do not use the
fishbelly under-frame parts. What do you all think?

Also, could a PRR B60 baggage car be realistically be included in either N&W
consist? I recall reading once B60s ventured out of PRR territory during
their years of service.

Thank you in advance
Alvie Hearren
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