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General William Mahone (493) and Frederick J. Kimball (494) were lightweight
Pullman built diners for the Pocahontas (identical to 491 & 492 for the Powhatan
Arrow). The rest of the named cars were sleepers, mostly Budd built (20 of
them), three Pullman built lightweights (Buchanan, McDowell & Sussex Counties),
and your decal probably has some names for heavyweight sleepers. On the Powhatan
Arrow, 501 & 502 were coach-locker cars, 511 & 512 were two compartment coaches,
and 531-540 were straight coaches. 491 & 492 wwere diners and 581 &582 were
observations. All were Pullman built in 1949. The Pocahontas then got the 1941
Pullman built coaches 1723-1734 and three which had been converted to
tavern-lounge-dorms (1720-1722). Each Pocahontas consist had 3 Budd built
sleepers (west of Roanoke. Just one east of there) and one heavyweight
10-section-lounge which was painted in N&W livery but still lettered for
Pullman. There was a 60 foor RPO and a few other head end cars (railway express
and mail storage). All the head end cars were heavyweights. Hope this helps.  
Jim Nichols

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I am trying to model the POWHATAN ARROW / POCAHONTAS in N scale.  I recently
bought a set of the nice decals from your online site.  Now, I am in search of a
car list for the post World War II cars that would have been pulled by the J
series locos.  I am interested in the following info:
Car Manufacturer:          Budd, Pullman, etc
Car Types:                    Coaches, Dining, Baggage, RPO, Observation, etc.
Car Numbers:                For instance, #581 is a lounge-tavern-observation
Car Names:                   I am especially interested in the name cars which
all I have been able to uncover is that they were sleepers
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Steve Pohlmann
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